Software Support For Programming Language Tutorials  Vladimir M. Bondarev, Computer Software Department, University Of Radi  Electronics, Ukraine.  Afif J. Almghawish, Alexandre F. Ossyka, Issa S. Outoom Computer Science Department, Al-Zaytoonah University Of Jordan, Jordan.  Abstract— Tutorials are indispensible for many university courses, such as computer  programming. The paper contributes to the shift from the tutorial organization with  one student solving a problem and others watching to the setting when each student  solves his/her individual problems assisted by a computer and the instructor.  The  research resulted in creation of a computer-assisted tutorial system for the course of  programming languages. The system uses a database of programming problems. It aids an instructor in preparing and delivering tutorials. It provides each student with an  environment for problem selection, its solution and solution verification. The system  has some special features. A problem requires writing a programming code.  A student has to write only a fragment of the complete program. The context of the fragment is  added by the system automatically. The system operates in a local network which  connects personal computers of students and the instructor’s portable computer. The  first version of this computer system was successfully tested at the Kharkov National  University of Radio Electronics. Keywords- computer programming; software support; portable network server;  automatic solution verification; system structure.